Saturday, March 15, 2014


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How much do you love these masks? When I was doing my newborn shoot with Julie, I had to snap a photo of these faces. So intriguing! Apparently everytime her & her mom travel, they pick up one of these masks to bring home. Such a neat travel tradition.

Speaking of travel, we're headed to Las Vegas in just a few short weeks and I couldn't be more excited!! I can't wait to feel the warmth on my skin with a drink in hand! Ahhh!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Portrait Photography: Taylor

Child Portrait Photography Child Portrait Photography Child Portrait Photography Child Portrait Photography This photoshoot was cold but worth it! I love the way all the photos turned out.. it was fun to play in the snow for the afternoon. Also, how cute is Taylor's outfit in contrast with the snow?! Good job, Amanda! haha. The first one is definitely my favorite. With a lot of Taylor's photos, I did sort of a half black & white technique because I just loved the contrast of the pink with the black & white. So pretty.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Food Photography: Egg Salad Sandwich

Food Photography Egg Salad Sandwhich Food Photography Egg Salad Sandwhich I made this healthy little egg salad sandwich and it actually made for a half decent photo. I used greek yogurt instead of mayo which made it a little bit watery so I ended up getting rid of it.. it wasn't very good. :)

Thursday, March 6, 2014


flower photography I thought I'd take some time to share some of the things that I'm excited about & have been going on in my life lately!

  • John & I are going to Las Vegas at the beginning of April & I could NOT be more excited!!! I have a major case of traveler's anxiety though and can barely think of anything else when I have a trip coming up which is sometimes a problem. I try to live life as positively as possible & when I'm not living in the moment and taking life day by day I find that gives me negative feelings. So I'm just trying to be patient & keep itinerary planning to a minimum. However, I did write a list of fun things to do & delish places to eat in Vegas.. but by no means do we HAVE to do any of them, it's just a plan.
  • Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is legitimately ruining my life. I find everytime I have spare time, I sit there & watch that show. I started from the beginning and I'm just so invested with the housewives that I find myself doing little else.. Yolo?
  • I just finished reading Divergent (in all of 3 days) and am utterly obsessed! I cannot wait for the movie to come out & see how they interpret it. I actually liked Divergent better than Hunger Games (same type of novel) and found myself devouring each and every page. I've just started the second one but it's taking me a bit longer because I've been reading non stop and read about 3 books in the month of February so my brain is getting tired.
  • I can't stop thinking about Disney World & Florida and how much I want to go back! I have this memory of waking up to the air conditioned condo just a bit chilled, making myself a coffee, and sitting outside on the patio in shorts & a tank top feeling completely warm & still. I don't know why, but that thought alone makes me want to re-visit my favorite place.
  • Travel, in general is taking up most of my mind space. We haven't even gone to Vegas yet and I'm already planning my next trip after that & after that & after that... 
  • Summer. I need it in my life.. Winter is the most depressing season & I'm ready for it to be over. Thunder Bay pretty much skips over Spring the past few years so when Vegas does come next month, it'll be nice to get away from cold & into the warmth!
Well that's about it for today! I kind of liked doing this it gives me a chance to write out all that's on my mind.

*photo taken by Jessica Kutok Photography

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Jill`s Sweet 16!

sweet 16 birthday party sweet 16 birthday party sweet 16 birthday party sweet 16 birthday party sweet 16 birthday party Happy 16th birthday to my little sister Jill! Her birthday was technically on Feb 21st so I`m a little late to the game with this blog post. I can`t believe she`s already 16.. it makes me feel old. But I`m super excited about all the exciting things that are still to come her way in life.. I know she`s on a great path. :) These photos are some of my favorites from her birthday party. My fave is the first one, especially. P.S. my apostrophe`s look weird in this post... lol

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Newborn Photography: Baby Taylor

newborn photography baby girl newborn photography baby girl newborn photography baby girl newborn photography baby girl newborn photography baby girl This was such a precious photoshoot to me because it was my first ever newborn photoshoot that I hope is the start of many. There`s something refreshing about shooting a brand new baby - probably because there isn`t any awkward posing etc and it`s just hope the baby cooperates lol. I see those beautiful newborn photos where the baby is all dressed up and placed inside tiny objects etc. and while I think that`s adorable and all (and we did that a little here with the basket) I like how candid this photoshoot was and I think that`s the type of newborn photography I`d rather do. Is just spending a couple of hours with a new family and capturing their most precious moments on camera. Until next time! *all photos belong to Jessica Kutok Photography.