Saturday, March 2, 2013

Flowers-Last Summer

Today I took a nice scenic drive to take some more snowy photos to discover my camera was dead. Such a waste of gas! Ugh.
After cursing alone in my car, I went to the grocery store and now I'm home watching Real Housewives of Vancouver... don't judge.

Because I have no recent photos to show you, I decided to pull some of my old photos from last summer when I first started toying around with my camera every now and then. I remember being really proud of these photos because they were the first ones I had actually tried to compose properly and I really liked the result.

Looking at these photos is making me super excited for when the snow melts, the water starts flowing, and the flowers start to bloom.. so much prettier to capture than snow & slush!

I am actually going to be posting some pretty instagrams that I took last summer too. Hint: They involve waterfalls & rainbows. So keep an eye out!

Which sort of makes me wonder if I should do a weekly instagram feature as well or if that would ruin the quality of my blog. Thoughts?

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