Thursday, March 14, 2013

Foam Board

So I got a white foam board for my photography. Of course, when I decide to start practicing on it, it's dark. Just my luck.

The point of having the white foam board & diffuser is to take the photos when there is sunlight in order to obtain the natural lighting. So instead, I used a table lamp for my lighting and had a very persistent kitty wanting to take photos with me. Le sigh.

Something I noticed (and remembered from my schooling days) is that when you DON'T use the diffuser (which I didn't use.. but perhaps should have especially since I made it tonight and it's just sitting there) is that there's a lot of shadows on the white board. Unfortunate.

I'm going to practice this more on Saturday when I have the day off.

Until next time.


  1. Hey, new follower from the Friday Chaos blog hop. Loving the pictures! I need to get some kind of indoor lighting, it kind of sucks waiting for proper lighting outside to take pictures (especially during the witner where I live, it's always overcast outside). Looking forward to reading more of your blog. :)


    1. aww thanks!
      and yeah me too. i live in a basement so it's extremely difficult!! ugh.

  2. Don't you love how animals are always trying to get in the way? Before our little Scrap passed away, he used to sneak in and try to steal the foods I was photographing, silly boy.