Thursday, May 9, 2013

Obsessiveness Ramble

Photo taken by me.

Last year, I went to yoga about 3-4 times a week and felt absolutely fantastic about myself. I never worried about what I ate (especially since yoga led me to make healthier choices) and if I wanted to eat pizza or chinese or something un-healthy, I wouldn't beat myself up over it. Well, my yoga membership started getting expensive so this past January I made the switch to a local gym in town. It worked out for me because I could work on my cardiovascular health and strength and if I wanted to go to a yoga class, the gym offered those. I've been going to the gym now about 3-4 times a week since January, practiced running and now I would call myself a {beginner} runner. I love the sport! And I feel like a bad ass when strength training. However, I don't feel as good about myself as I did when I was doing yoga. I started becoming very aware of what I put into my body and would feel guilty if John & I would choose pizza over chicken. I recently tried the Bikini Series challenge from the girls of "Tone It Up" and while it may work great for some people, it was not for me. I felt extremely guilty anytime I wouldn't eat what was a part of their nutrition ideas. I cut out toast & white or red potatoes from my idea and I miss my morning toast with peanut butter everyday. Why am I depriving myself of the things I love that aren't even bad for me? So not good. The other day, I thought to myself... I need to document my workouts in order to stay motivated and focused and I love exercise. I also enjoy documenting what I use to fuel my body as this also keeps me motivated. So instagram friends, if you're annoyed of my constant talk of health, I suggest you unfollow me. However, I will NOT deprive myself any longer of the foods I truly love and I will NOT feel guilty for eating pizza every once in a while. I can't believe that I wanted to cut out carbs from my diet like they were a bad thing. I need carbs if I want to be able to run the half marathon in September and it's not like they are making me "fat". I'm not obsessing anymore and I will enjoy my life instead. I will exercise regularly and fuel my body with nutritious (and delicious) foods and I will love myself! I like the mantra of eating great foods 90% of the time and eating not so great foods 10% of the time. I think it's a very realistic way to live healthily. So here's to living a healthy, happy life!

P.S. More fun photos coming soon. I'm starting a photography challenge soon.. more on that later.

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