Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Farms & Planes

Another set of scenic photography, my favorite!!
I couldn't believe it when I was driving down a road in the middle of nowhere and saw 2 parked planes in a field. It was so beautiful to me. I've pretty much gotten over people staring at me thinking I'm crazy when I pull over on the side of the road to take pictures. Some lady actually gave me the thumbs up yesterday when I did this.

I'm seriously obsessed with photography right now - I'm living & breathing it. It keeps me up at night when I try to fall asleep, it wakes me up in the morning & it distracts me from day to day activities. Photography: I love you!


  1. It's so surreal to see planes just parked in a field while driving. Looks like a gorgeous snowfall--Awesome photos too! :)

    1. Ya I've never seen that before but it makes me want to check out the hangar in town and see what the planes look like parked there in the snow haha.
      Thanks :)