Monday, December 2, 2013

Foggy Sleeping Giant

I was a little disappointed today when I skipped the gym to take pictures only to be freezing cold and not find much inspiration. I drove out to Chippewa Park which was incredibly secluded which made just a bit nervous but I worked up the courage, hopped out of my car and snapped this beauty of a photo! The way the clouds were covering the Sleeping Giant took my breath away. There was so much beauty out at Chippewa and I would have taken more time to appreciate it had I not been all by myself in the middle of no where and if it wasn't freezing cold. I plan to go back on a warmer day to walk around and snap some photos of the docks etc that are out there. It's so pretty!

Driving back, I spotted this really creepy building in the distance that I had never seen before and was on a mission to get closer to take pictures of it. I found out I had to turn down Fort William First Nation Saw Mill Park and that seemed pretty public so I was driving & driving only to find myself feeling like I was trespassing? I honestly have no idea if I was allowed to be there or not (there weren't any signs?!) but I got nervous and drove away. I feel like I need a buddy to drive along with me to work up my courage to not be so afraid because I sometimes feel discouraged in the sense where I'm missing great photo opportunities. I need to go back to that saw mill!!

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