Thursday, February 20, 2014

Food Photography

food photography muffins Sorry everyone! I know it's been forever since I last posted but I find winter so uninspiring for photography. I hate how dull & ugly it can be outside. However, I love photographing people playing outside in the snow so at least I've been doing that here & there this winter. It's keeping me sane! Anyway, considering I really don't like nature photography in the winter time, I've been practicing my skills in other ways.. like in food! I made these healthy (and not gonna lie, quite bland) muffins a couple weeks back and instead of eating them I ended up taking a bazillion photos of them. I loved the way this particular image turned out. I think the color contrast mixed with the interesting "stack" shape made it for an appealing photo. How have you been spending your winter?! Tonight, we're supposed to get 30cm of snow.. ugh. Is it summer yet? I'm longing for days spent by a lake with a cold drink in hand. Sigh.

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