Friday, August 15, 2014

Birds & Other Musings

nature photography nature photography nature photography nature photography Happy Friday everyone! The past couple of days have been incredibly therapeutic for me. The weather has been absolutely beautiful so John & I have been doing hill sprints which is tough but feels reeeeeeally good at the same time. Plus, I managed to finish my latest book I've been reading called The Rosie Project. I definitely recommend it as it's a very smart novel with plenty of laugh out loud lines throughout! You'll love the main character and be rooting for him the entire time. It's really important to take advantage of your personal time by filling it with things you love doing! For me, that usually involves reading of some sort, especially lately. I just love sinking my teeth into a really good novel! I think I've read about 10 books this summer alone! Have a great weekend. -Jess

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  1. i haven't been able to manage to read any book in the past few months. i surely have to catch up on that one