Thursday, September 11, 2014

Butterfly Fly Fly Away

butterfly nature photography butterfly nature photography butterfly nature photography butterfly

Can you believe we have turned the heater on in our home today?

I really want to shed a tear or seven right about now. I'm not ready for summer to end but at the same time, I do welcome Fall with open arms. I love the season. Maybe it's because I'm an October baby through and through and so many great things have happened in the Autumn months, I definitely feel my most inspired and content when it starts to get a little chiller even though it IS bittersweet.

I need to take out my camera and capture the ever changing colours of the season and I am so so so looking forward to it!

Have a great day!


  1. What stunning photos!

    I love October as well. :)

  2. What a pretty little butterfly! I'm going to miss the heat of the summer a lot, but there's something really nice about the fall too. Please take some photos of the changing leaves! Now that I live in Vancouver I miss the fall in Ontario. The natural trees here are a lot less showy when they change color.

    1. I just went out and took some pretty red leaf photos and I'm super excited to post them! The pics are nothing special yet a nice reminder of the changing seasons :).