Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cluster Mess of an Update

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I say I'm going to continue blogging but then I just... don't. I'm too busy living I guess? I don't know. I miss it though - and I was busy the past couple of days about how long I've kept this space for and how proud I am for keeping at it for so long. This is the longest blog I've ever had (after many failed attempts) and I love it here. I love being able to post when I want to post and sharing my photography. While I haven't taken out my DSLR camera very often, I'm glad that I re-branded Little Maple Leaf to be my story of sorts rather than strictly just photography. While I absolutely love taking out my camera and trying to capture beautiful images, I don't want to do it professional but I'm so glad that I do have that camera to take pictures when I want to but also have my cell phone for the quick shots. Like in the above photos :)

Anyway, we've done a LOT in the past few weeks. We've taken many different hikes, did a wine tour (amazing.. may have left with 5 bottles of wine... oops!) and have eaten at plenty of DELICIOUS restaurants. My GOD! The dining options in this city are heavenly! Last week was actually really bad - we ended up eating out like 6 times in a week and a half. This week has been good so far as we've been cooking at home every night so I'm proud of that. We'll reward ourselves with dinner out this weekend! Hehe.

May Long is coming up and I'm SO excited! We are going to try and find a beach somewhere and hopefully it's nice enough to go swimming, although the forecast calls for rain (fingers crossed the forecast is wrong). Also, we are going to go on a hike somewhere and I'm debating whether or not we should go with our group or just go the two of us. We'll decide this weekend. And I wouldn't mind driving down to Osoyoos to check out the desert of the Okanagan. So many plans!

I got homesick for the first time yesterday - my sister sent me a snap chat and I got all emotional. It came out of no where.

Okay well, that was a really random post just basically giving a weird update on my life with no structure whatsoever!

I uploaded a bunch of pics to Photobucket so that way it's easier for me to blog... there has to be an easier way to upload pictures without losing their quality onto Blogger without using a 3rd party? UGH! problems.

Have a great night!

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