Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nature is Beautiful

I'm starting a new blog to keep all my photos in one place.
I'll still be keeping my old blog just because I like to reminisce.. and on this new blog I'll still be posting recipes from time to time.

I probably won't post in the other one much (or ever) but I have nice memories in there like my Florida trip or Camping memories and I've been using that blog a long time.. so I think it's only right to keep it around!

With this new blog, you can expect actual direction and purpose for posts (wh-what?!). Here, I will be focusing on my 2 main interests... cooking & photography. Basically, these 2 things are hobbies that I feel I'm actually kind of good at and I'd like a place to document it.. sort of like a portfolio.

Follow along, don't follow along.. comment, don't comment.. it's not a big deal to me. It would be nice to have some constructive criticism however in order to keep improving everyday!

Hmm.. k bye!

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