Thursday, December 13, 2012

Night Shots & Other Bantering

New Lesson Learned: Night shots are HARD to take! I had something totally different in mind when I went out to take these photos... and when I googled how to properly take pictures in the dark, I realized it's no easy task! I also learned that in order to take a nice crisp image with good lighting in your photo when it's dark out, you need a tripod... which I don't have.

Christmas present??

I've also decided I love adding text to my photos.. especially when I'm not a huge fan of the image itself. Adding a nice quote that I randomly think of at the time or remember from a TV show or book makes the photo look that much better!

Anyway, I have the night to myself because John's out doing some volunteer project so I have a long night of Vampire Diaries, Greys Anatomy & Glee ahead of me. Maybe I'll even catch up on some Friday Night Lights? Yay!

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