Monday, May 6, 2013

Around the New Neighborhood

I told you I was going to snap photos soon!
Today I decided to take a walk throughout the new neighborhood and snap some photos. I know, I know.. way overdue.
It was SUCH a beautiful day today so I felt super inspired by all of my surroundings. Even that little dude in the last photo ;). I even saw a butterfly today! But.. it flew away before I could photograph it. Damn!

I joined the "Tone It Up" community recently and started their Bikini Challenge in order to add more structure to my workouts. I really enjoy it but I almost feel frustrated being told when I have to workout and what I have to do.. I usually just really enjoy going for a run or heading to the gym on my own terms.. But I still need that structure? I'm so torn! Does anyone have any recommendations for ways that I can work out when I want (3-4 times a week) but provide me with specific exercises I can do in order to slim down in target areas such as thighs and tummy?

I will say though with Tone it Up, I love their recipe ideas! I'm not a part of the nutrition guide but I tried the salsa chicken the other day and it was so good. I'm definitely interested in cooking only lean foods with lots of protein and vegetables. I've actually been doing super well with that. I used to have a piece of toast every morning when I woke up and usually white or red potatoes with dinner. I've cut out the toast and opt for cereal, a smoothie, or some greek yogurt instead and when I crave potatoes I make sweet potatoes or brown rice!

Hope you all have a great day. Hopefully I'll continue to go and snap photos. I actually have more to show you from this shoot later!

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  1. Pretty photos, even the last one ;) I love those kinds of days that are so beautiful out you just can't stop snapping pictures :)