Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Look at that natural light, eh?
So the reason for my silence around these parts...we've moved! We're FINALLY out of that nasty basement apartment that literally shot my nerves through the roof. We are in a whole house now with windows, hardwood floors and no more carpet in the kitchen (ew). We have two bathrooms and a rec room... 2 beautiful bedrooms and an insane view. I'm thinking of going out and taking some photos around my new neighborhood tomorrow because it's so historical and beautiful. You can also see the ships coming in on Lake Superior which is fantastic. I'm loving it here already and we've only spent 2 nights so far. I feel like everything is just so much more positive in my life right now and am really looking forward to the days ahead. Right now, however, I'm exhausted. Working 15 days in a row along with moving is tiring, people. Until next time.


  1. I joke that my mood is solar powered. Perhaps it is a photographer thing. Our new house is filled with beautiful sunlight, too, and I can't get enough! Congratulations on the move!

  2. I love older homes - at least I am assuming you have an older home being in a historical neighborhood and the hardwood floors. I am living in one (renting) myself - and I don't know if we will ever leave! I love out landlord, love the house, love the neighborhood! I *don't* like the wonky water pressure .. but I will take the good with the bad :-D

    Big congrats on the new place :-)

    My Imperfect

    1. Hi Melanie.
      Yeah it is a bit of an older home.. really small and cozy :)
      Doesn't it make such a difference when you're happy with your home? :)