Sunday, June 9, 2013


Normally I despise Spiders. Even if it's the smallest, teeniest little creature, I scream and run away. But when I saw this little dude at the camp this weekend, I saw him as a photo opportunity and he immediately became my friend. He was huge and his shell was amazing. I was just watching him as he created his enormous spiderweb and what I witnessed was captivating. I'm glad I got to capture it through my camera.

However, as I was done snapping his photo and walked back to my chair I ran right into one of the webs and ruined all of his hard work. He just sat on the railing for a good 10 minutes with no web... all of his hard work destroyed. I swear I didn't do it on purpose but for the first time ever, I felt extremely sorry for a spider!


  1. ah this gave me chills! not a fan of these guys


  2. i'm fascinated by how the spiders make their web. i don't have problem with spiders. it's lizard that makes me wanna scream. ha