Sunday, July 7, 2013


Wow am I ever a bad photographer/blogger. It's definitely been a while and it's funny because I actually have photos on my camera that need some editing done.
Honestly, life has really taken it's toll lately but in the best way possible. I've been super lucky with time off at work which means a lot of time spent camping with family & friends. I was upset last year when I couldn't go camping & fishing with my dad which is a yearly tradition but this year I made sure I was able to go and I was so glad I did. It was such a fun time. I also spent Canada Day weekend out at the lake with some friends. I feel like life has been a great big vacation lately and it's finally time to get back to real life which I'm looking forward to. With real life brings picture taking & editing (finally), cooking normal meals again, hitting the gym (necessary) and also a lot of shifts at work. I'm excited for things to start getting back to normal -- I never thought of myself as a girl who likes routine until now when I find myself craving it after a couple weeks  of living the good life!

On a side note, I want to write down some things I'm appreciating lately just to put my head in the right perspective! Have a great day.

  • grocery shopping and a stocked up fridge
  • sunday meal planning
  • being able to hear Great Big Sea play at the waterfront from my bedroom (this is happening as I type this and it's making me smile from ear to ear)! I didn't get tickets to bluesfest and Great Big Sea is the one band I wanted to see so I'm one happy camper that I get to at least listen to them. 
  • coming home to my kitties greeting me at the door
  • clean tabletops
  • juice :)
  • coffee change lying around the house
  • time spent with friends 
  • caesers.


  1. I don't blame you for appreciating all of those things... especially caesers, yum!

  2. such a good reminder to be thankful for a stocked fridge... how lucky are we to have so much food whenever we want and need it... not everyone can say that