Monday, January 27, 2014


winter nature photography winter nature photography winter nature photography Some photos I took a couple of weeks ago. I love how I was able to find some color amidst all the white & grey that's in Northern Ontario! It's been about -30 every single day here in the last few days so I've been having a hard time grabbing my camera or feeling creative in general. If you've noticed, I re-added all my blog posts & photos since I started my blog again. I felt sad that I made all of my beginner photos private.. it sort of made me feel like a phony. I was a beginner once (heck! I'm still a beginner!) and I want to showcase my photographic journey through this blog. I want to be able to look back & I want my readers to be able to look back as well at how far I've come. I'm really proud of my photography as well as my whole journey along the way! While there may be some layout changes etc in the future of this blog, my beginner photos aren't going anywhere!

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  1. i love them. i think i have a thing for twigs captured in photos.