Thursday, September 12, 2013

Feels like Fall

I know these photos don't scream "Autumn" but the way I feel totally does!!
Autumn is probably my favorite season and Summer comes in a close second. I'm from Northern Ontario so our Winters are long & grueling (see almost every blog post I've ever done in the Winter of me complaining about how cold and snowy it was). You can imagine how excited I get when the weather starts to warm up, the flowers start to bloom & trips to the lake become more and more frequent. I get giddy inside when it starts to warm up and summer is here.. it's like I'm living a different life. Sadly, all good things must come to an end but after Summer comes Fall-- my favorite season! There's something about fall that also makes me feel happy and warm inside. Maybe it's the fact that it's my birthday in October or that Thanksgiving and Halloween are in the same month? I love the colored leaves & the warm pumpkin spice lattes. Even the crisp feeling in the air makes me feel all too bubbly! So yes, even though summer must close, I welcome Fall with open arms and I'm happy with winter until after New Years (like most people). Then I just feel grumpy until late Spring. Lol!!

Today, in particular, feels like a true autumn day. I have homemade pasta sauce cooking on the stove for when my family comes over for dinner and the smell it's giving off is delicious. The air is a little chilly which requires an oversized comfy sweater, and my house is clean. I'm enjoying my time off today doing things that make me happy on this lovely (almost) fall day.

Hope your day is going well too! Thanks for reading.

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